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Mutual Art | December 2017 

What happens when an art gallery can no longer afford art?

Institutions have been priced out of a million dollar market. Maria Howard investigates how private collectors are increasingly helping to bring masterpieces to the masses

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MutualArt | 28 November 2017

Heading to Miami? This is the city's must-see art

Maria Howard gives an indispensable guide to the best shows in the city ahead of Art Basel this December

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MutualArt | October 2017

The Most Faked Artists in History

Maria Howard uncovers the stories behind famous fakes — from a strip club owner’s scam, to the scientific test that revealed a painting's true age

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Young Art 2017 Catalogue Maria Howard

Young Art | April 2017

Catalogue to accompany the annual exhibition at the RCA, in support of Cancer Research UK

Edited and compiled by Maria Howard, featuring an interview with Eileen Cooper RA

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Telegram Press | March 2017

A to Zakka – An alphabet of objects for everyday life

Concept and Introduction by Maria Howard, illustrations by Charlotte Trounce | Published by Telegram Press

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Hyperallergic | October 2016

This Year’s Turner Prize Exhibition Makes Good on its Potential to Shock

It’s the same thing every year. The press has a field day with some sensational piece that challenges the very definition of art and the Turner Prize is front page news for the day.

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Telegram Gallery | October 2017


A group show curated by Maria Howard for Telegram Gallery at the Ground Floor Space, dn&co., London

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Hyperallergic | September 2016

Etel Adnan’s Vibrant, Visual Poems

Etel Adnan's paintings evoke sheer joy, their style unpretentious, not naive but innocent, at odds with her poetry and writings that bear witness to the violence of the world.

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Hyperallergic | August 2016

The Sculptural, Musical Paintings of Mary Heilmann

For Mary Heilmann paintings are both puzzles to be worked out and objects to be seen in the round, a unique idea that belies her training as a sculptor. 

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Hyperallergic | June 2016

“The Views of the Majority Don’t Align with My Own”: Artists React to Brexit Vote

After two days of torrential rain, I woke up at 6am this morning to bright sunshine, surely a sign that all would be well. But it would appear the gods were in favor of Brexit. As soon as I checked my phone, the sad news of our country’s decision hit home; texts from fellow insomniacs ridden with expletives reinforced my grief and there has been talk of nothing else since. 

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Poster design for Britain Stronger In by Bob and Roberta Smith

Poster design for Britain Stronger In by Bob and Roberta Smith

Hyperallergic | June 2016

Whether artist or everyman, I believe we are stronger together

Much of the Brexit debate has focused on questions of economy, immigration, and security, which will be most impacted by the decision. But little has been said of the arts — one of the most multicultural industries in Britain today.

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Christie's | May 2016

11 things to see and do around Art Fair Tokyo

After Art Basel in Hong Kong and Art Stage Singapore, the next stop on the Asian art fair circuit is Japan. As the biggest ever edition of Art Fair Tokyo opens its doors, Maria Howard scours the city for the most exciting events

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Young Art | April 2016

Young Art 2016 Catalogue

Edited and compiled by Maria Howard, Featuring interviews with Sir Christopher Frayling, Prof Ken Howard RA and more.

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The abandoned paintbrush factory producing art’s new superstars

In Romania’s second city, a new school of artists led by Adrian Ghenie is making headlines by confronting the country’s troubled past. Maria Howard talks to Post-War and Contemporary Art specialist Cristian Albu about the key players in this extraordinary movement. 

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Artists’ books: the exquisite meeting of minds and talents

Book specialist Meg Ford and Anna Povejsilova, a specialist in Impressionist & Modern Art, enjoy some very special collaborations between artists, writers and publishers ahead of the sale of a unique collection

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Chinese Contemporary Ink — 5 artists you should know

Our Hong Kong auction of Chinese Contemporary Ink on 30 November offers works that dramatically reinterpret this traditional Chinese genre. Here, specialist Carmen Shek Cerne profiles five artists worth looking out for.

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Korean abstract art: 5 artists exciting the international art market

Ahead of the private selling exhibition Forming Nature: Dansaekhwa Korean Abstract Art at Christie’s Hong Kong galleries this month, specialist Yunah Jung profiles the modern and contemporary Korean abstract artists making waves on the international art scene

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Meet the Super Collectors

David Gainsborough Roberts and Simon Costin discuss their unique collections 

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Rising stars of Chinese contemporary art

From Ren Ri’s sculptures in beeswax to video installations by Morgan Wong — gallerist Pearl Lam selects five emerging talents to keep on your radar

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Malcolm Franklin | Rock Paper Wood

Catalogue essay to accompany sculptor and printmaker Malcolm Franklin's exhibition at

Eames Fine Art Gallery

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