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A to Zakka – An alphabet of objects for everyday life

Telegram Press | March 2017

'The Japanese word zakka has been loosely defined as goods, sundries or many things. For me zakka represents the objects with which we choose to surround ourselves. Whether a chipped porcelain bowl or the perfect pair of scissors, these are things that hold value in their everyday aesthetic and classic design – that serve a function but were chosen for their form.'

Concept and introduction by Maria Howard, illustrations by Charlotte Trounce  

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A to Zakka on It's Nice That

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Telegram Gallery | October 2016

'With technology the face of landscape is changing; we are constantly mapping and capturing our surroundings. Plein air is a thing of the past as today’s artists look to their screens to shape their landscapes, to bear witness. The landscapes around us record the changes in our environment too, from the gentle shift of seasons to the indelible damage of man.'

A zine accompanying a group show curated by Maria Howard for Telegram Gallery at the Ground Floor Space, dn&co., London

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