George Dennis, Calpe

George Dennis, Calpe

Notes on a takeover

zine | January 2018

Over christmas week I picked my favourite images from the previous year’s takeovers and wrote some notes on why I liked them. Most were written in bed, for the purposes of instagram. Original posts can be found at

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A to Zakka, An alphabet of objects for everyday life

Book and exhibition at Ground Floor Space, dn&co. | March 2017

'The Japanese word zakka has been loosely defined as goods, sundries or many things. For me zakka represents the objects with which we choose to surround ourselves. Whether a chipped porcelain bowl or the perfect pair of scissors, these are things that hold value in their everyday aesthetic and classic design – that serve a function but were chosen for their form.'

Concept and introduction by Maria Howard, illustrations by Charlotte Trounce  

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Landscape, Ground+Floor+Space+dnco, Bermondsey, Telegram+Gallery.jpeg


A group show of photography, painting and video

Ground Floor Space, dn&co. | October 2016

'With technology the face of landscape is changing; we are constantly mapping and capturing our surroundings. Plein air is a thing of the past as today’s artists look to their screens to shape their landscapes, to bear witness. The landscapes around us record the changes in our environment too, from the gentle shift of seasons to the indelible damage of man.'

Featuring work by:

Alberta Bamonte / Hannah Devereux / Will Jenkinson / Lynda Laird / Chris Stevens / Hayley Nia Thomas

Zine and exhibition curated by Maria Howard

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Telegram+Gallery, Telegram+Takeover, Peckham+Pelican.jpeg

The Telegram Takeover at the Peckham Pelican

Peckham Pelican | August 2015 

'The #telegramtakeover series aims to promote fresh new photography by inviting established and emerging photographers alike to take over our instagram account every week. From Tokyo to Melbourne, California to Camberwell, we pick the best photographers from around the world to showcase their work to our followers.' 

Featuring work by:

Thomas Bett / Jodie Blackwell / Sam Bush / Elena Cremona / Hannah Devereux* / Gabrielle Greenberg  / Lillie Harman / Maria Howard / Will Jenkinson / Roslyn Julia / Philip Keith / Dina Lun / Nicholas Mellefont / Yiğithan Özden / Panu Pälviä Saunalahti / Thomas Pearson / Dan Root / Tom le Ruez  / Libby Scarlett / Pablo Somonte Ruano / Chris Stevens / Hayley Nia Thomas* / Dario Utichi / Noah Waldeck

Curated by Maria Howard


Telegram+Gallery, London+Canal+Museum, Alberta+Bamonte

Beyond the Towpath

London Canal Museum | June 2015

'Alberta Bamonte’s works approach the canal and the surrounding areas from an aerial perspective. She uses satellite views to focus in on a section of the water, the towpath and beyond, before reproducing the scene on paper or burlap, adapting the colours and shapes to create a unique kind of landscape where the industrial and the natural sit side by side.'

Curated by Maria Howard

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Lynda+Laird, Urban+Beekeeping, Telegram+Gallery, Peckham+Pelican.jpeg

Lynda Laird, Urban Beekeeping

Peckham Pelican | March 2015

'The Honey Bee population has declined massively in recent years. In 2008, a million honeybee colonies in the United States mysteriously perished – a third of all their hives. This phenomenon was happening all over the world and became known as 'colony collapse disorder'. The reasons behind it still remain unclear but links have been made to GM crops, habitat degradation – including the loss of flowering plant species that provide food for bees – and the increasing use of pesticides. Bees pollinate over 30% of our food and 90% of our wild plants.  Without bees to spread seeds, many plants, including food crops, would die out.' 

Curated by Maria Howard

View works by Lynda Laird on Telegram