the view from the train

The view from the train – Soft Shell

Art Writing MLitt Anthology I | November 2018

At the beginning of May I spent 24 hours on a train that crossed three states. It wound its way down the coast at first, from Seattle to Portland, before heading into the backcountry, through what felt like the America I knew from a lifetime of TV – acres and acres of agriculture and backyards.

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This text was read aloud with an accompanying film at The Poetry Club, Glasgow on 7 November 2018.

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Old Bags – Some notes on the idea of woman as container

Zine | September 2018

I first came across the idea of woman as container in Jane Mill’s Womanwords (1989). Spanning some of the earliest examples of the English language to the 20th century, the book is a comprehensive dictionary of words used to describe/deride women – from amazon to witch.

*highly commended in the Glasgow School of Art
Zine Library Competition*

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the sun book.jpg
the sun book2.jpg

The Sun Book

Personal project | June 2018

Fragments of text from my travels in Canada and California earlier this year. 

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