What happens when an art gallery can no longer afford art?

Mutual Art | December 2017

Institutions have been priced out of a million dollar market. Maria Howard investigates how private collectors are increasingly helping to bring masterpieces to the masses.

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Heading to Miami? This is the city's must-see art

MutualArt | November 2017

Maria Howard gives an indispensable guide to the best shows in the city ahead of Art Basel this December.

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Most+Faked+Artists+in+History,+Jackson+Pollock,+Drip+Painting,+Maria+Howard, MutualArt.jpeg

The most faked artists in history

MutualArt | October 2017

Maria Howard uncovers the stories behind famous fakes – from a strip club owner’s scam, to the scientific test that revealed a painting's true age

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