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This year’s Turner Prize exhibition makes good on its potential to shock

Hyperallergic | October 2016

It’s the same thing every year. The press has a field day with some sensational piece that challenges the very definition of art and the Turner Prize is front page news for the day.

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Etel Adnan, Serpentine, Hyperallergic, Maria Howard.jpeg

Etel Adnan’s vibrant, visual poems

Hyperallergic | September 2016

Etel Adnan's paintings evoke sheer joy, their style unpretentious, not naive but innocent, at odds with her poetry and writings that bear witness to the violence of the world.

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Mary heilmann Hyperallergic Maria Howard.jpeg

The sculptural, musical paintings of Mary Heilmann

Hyperallergic | August 2016

For Mary Heilmann paintings are both puzzles to be worked out and objects to be seen in the round, a unique idea that belies her training as a sculptor. 

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“The views of the majority don’t align with my own”

Hyperallergic | June 2016

After two days of torrential rain, I woke up at 6am this morning to bright sunshine, surely a sign that all would be well. But it would appear the gods were in favour of Brexit. As soon as I checked my phone, the sad news of our country’s decision hit home; texts from fellow insomniacs ridden with expletives reinforced my grief and there has been talk of nothing else since. 

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Whether artist or everyman, I believe we are stronger together

Hyperallergic | June 2016

Much of the Brexit debate has focused on questions of economy, immigration, and security, which will undoubtedly be most impacted by the decision. But little has been said of the arts – one of the most multicultural industries in Britain today.

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